“A synergetic performance MC of rhythm and rhyme. Your natural smooth delivery, kept the flow of the performances on target. Only you could make a rainy day so much fun. You are a master at your craft.”

Darlene Reyon, The Contemporary Arts Museum

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This MC is all about love. Through natural rhythmic freestyle flows, and an abundance of theatrical characters/techniques I let my joy shine into the microphone. Blessing the audience, with clear delivery of who is performing, what is going on and how wonderful it is to be here and NOW.

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Here is a short list of events and places I have been Master of Ceremonies:

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“innovative and original” Ka Leo

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The Fool Truth is a fools feast. A solo play inspired by Shakespeare, Hip-hop, soul singing, and theatrics. This one man show is dedicated to the fool within. The Fool is MC See, he sings, raps, and riddles the stage with original rhymes. The speeches are penned in the spirit of traveling players, and mystic poets who cast answers as questions, and question all answers. Central themes are the importance of being stewards of the land, dissolving personal dramas so global problems can be dealt with, and opening a vision of a clean energy future.
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See is a theatre making, poet, MC, street theatre, artists of the highest order.His solo show, and 3 fully staged hip-hop theatre productions have evolved from workshops. BFA Acting, MFA Directing

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Workshop One: Theatre Making: Time and Space are explored as variables for creating original theatre. We create a basic vocabulary of movement through Anne Bogart’s ‘View Points’ technique. Concepts of time such as repetition, duration, and rhythm are heightened and new awareness of space (spatial relationship, architecture etc) is achieved. We move these physical exercises into a collage process of making original theatre.

Workshop Two: Contact Improvisation opens us to ourselves through connecting with each other. Partners release into flow, groups create shape and annunciate feelings through movement. This is all about letting go into connection. We discover and release through breathe, simple physical contact, music,  and mirror.

Workshop Three: Loud Utterances of Freedom, Free the Voice, Release the Breathe. The first step to enlightenment is the ability to cry loud as a baby. This is a workshop for those who want to remember their natural breathe and open to the emotional vulnerability it allows. We flow through a series of breathe exercises. These include partner work, movement, massage, tension release, vocal mirror, and finally your boldest sounds and words.

Workshop Four: Freestyle Hip-hop, or Free-Verse Poetry: Ever wonder how the MC can spit flows off the dome? Or how the free verse poet can annunciate sweet cadences, that rhyme so simply? Learn to find your rhythm, open your imagination, and then let it loose through your vocal chords. Through improvisation games involving both movement and word you will free your inner rap artist, or Shakespearian poet.

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