“Hip-Hopalypse combines lyrical hip-hop verse, mixed martial arts and the catharsis of human drama against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic future where a handful of lost souls struggle for some semblance of civilization.”
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The year is 3013, the earth has been hit hard and often with flood, and drought. Cities have gone, villages, countries, entire cultures have been swept away. Only a few on the earth remain, wandering souls trying to get a bit of life from the lifeless landscape. Some are making a stand for civilization. Gathering the lost herds of people in The New Project of Oneness.
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Ancient tales spin heads. New heads unravel ancient threads. Looking for better ends, the story begins again…

Welcome to the world of hip-hop, theatre, myth. Adam and Eve, and Cain and Abel, take us an ‘evolution’ of civilization, from 3133BC to 2012AD. Here language is rhythmic, here conflict is based on fundamental questions of humanity: Are we evolving? Is our consciousness expanding?
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Let us remember who we are, where we are, and why we have chosen to be here. For there lies the truth, and this is the mirror of that truth

Chase is a hip-hop theatre production, featuring MC battles, original Slam poetry from Kealoha, martial combat, theatre of the absurd and step dancing. Our hero, Chase, is born in an age of conformity, an absurd world of ‘grey’ people moving and looking like robots. He breaks free with the aid of his sister Derrius. She has an elixir she plans to use to ‘free minds’ but, it comes with the price of addiction.
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