Hip-Hopalypse: The Anime Cartoon

“…lyrical hip-hop verse, mixed martial arts and the catharsis of human drama against the backdrop of a post-apocalyptic future where a handful of lost souls struggle for some semblance of civilization”

Derek Paiva Honolulu Advertiser

Since the 08 live production I have been itching to make this idea into Anime. The characters:

  • Three traveling hip-hop player/fools Do, DUne and Doom
  • Two Martial Artists, Essu a mystic, pacifist at heart and Juolian a wild cannibal
  • One Powerful General, Dante
  • The future seeing Queen Desdemona
  • The SEEKERS who become one with each person they encounter
  • The Rebel Worker Sophia who’s songs bring revolt

The Storyboard , Script and Characters are in place. You gotta budget?